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Membership & Contact Information

Membership Information

If you are interested in a membership but are not familiar with our facilities, we will be happy to show you around and answer any questions you may have. The FCC is located at 302 Broadway Avenue on the north side of Franklin just off 31-W. You may call the Club office at 270-586-9118 or email Club Manager, Clay Moody, at for more information.

We also have a new Pool Membership available. We will be running this offer as a 2-year trial. More information can be found by clicking the link below.

Pool Membership

Click the links below to learn more about the different membership options and payment plans we offer and to download a copy of the membership application.

Membership Types & Descriptions

Membership Application

Corporate Membership 

Membership Special

Our 2019 Membership Special is ongoing! All memberships approved at our February and March meetings will not begin paying dues until May, however the first payment toward the initiation and stock is due with the application. That fee is $265.00 for anyone age 40 and under and $530.00 for anyone over the age of 40. As always the initiation and stock can be paid in full ($2,578.00) when an application is submitted. Please spread the word. If you have any questions regarding membership please contact Clay at 270-586-9118.

Contact Information

The table below lists the contact information for our staff here at Franklin Country Club. Please don’t hesitate with any questions you may have!

Questions about ....NamePhoneEmail
The Club, memberships, policies, eventsClay
The Golf CourseTodd
The PoolDebbie
Pine Tree Lounge, Lunch/dinner specials, reservationsVic Portmann270.586.3863
The website (including forms, downloads, archives, etc.)Sarah