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Men’s Golf Association

The Men’s Golf Association schedules several fun golf events throughout the season where members compete for points and prize money. The top 30 point earners qualify to play in the last event for a chance to win one month of FCC dues. However, the most important aspect of the MGA is that the money generated is used for golf course improvements. Over the years the MGA has spent several thousand dollars on golf course related projects. Within the last two years, the association purchased new equipment to house the water coolers located on the course. Other recent projects include the rebuilding and stone work around #2 tee and the expansion and stone walls added to the tee boxes on holes #7, #16 ,and #17.

Many of the MGA members are active participants in and enjoy the events that are planned by the Association, but there are members who very seldom participate in the events and some who don’t at all. While the Association does encourage it, your participation in the events is not required to be a member of the Men’s Golf Association. With that being said, the annual dues paid to the MGA play a very significant role in the funding of future projects, which is why we highly encourage you to become a member, no matter your level of participation.

Annual dues are $30.00 and each event has a $5.00 or $10.00 entry fee. If you are interested in joining, please contact Tim Chubb (MGA president) at or contact Club manager, Clay Moody, at 270-586-9118.  The more members and support we have, the more we can do for our beautiful golf course! If any MGA member has any suggestions for future projects, please pass the information along to Tim or Clay.

Upcoming Events and Info

As many of you know, points are awarded for the top 13 places in each of the events played throughout the season. 25 points are awarded to the winner down to 1 point for 13th place. These points are accumulated each season and make the player eligible for the season ending Points Championship if they are in the top 30.

We encourage you to play in all of the MGA events as there will be a prize awarded to the top three point earners at the conclusion of Dog Fight #4.

  • First Place – $50
  • Second Place – $30
  • Third Place – $20

These players will also be eligible for the Points Championship which takes place September 8-9 and includes the top 30 point accumulators. If you would like to join the Men’s Golf Association, contact Tim Chubb or Clay Moody. Annual dues are $30.00 and are billed in May.


  • June 2nd and 3rd – you may play on either one of these dates.
  • Both partners must be a member of the Men’s Golf Association.
  • Entry fee is $10.00/player
  • More information on the play of this even is posted in the Pro Shop.

US Open Pro-Am:

  • June 16th – 17th. You may play either day.
  • $10.00 entry fee
  • Your score, adjusted according to handicap, and the Sunday score of whichever PGA Pro you draw will be added together. The lowest team score wins.
  • PGA Pro names will be available Sunday June 17th. If you play on Saturday (the 16th), a name will be drawn for you when they become available. Otherwise, you will draw when you sign up and pay to play on Sunday.

FCC vs Rolling Hills Matches

  • June 23rd & 24th
  • Matches will be played at Rolling Hills on Saturday and at FCC on Sunday.

Event Results

Dog Fight #1:

  • 1st – Alec Silchuck and David Clark
  • 2nd – Gary Welch

Master’s Pro-Am:

  • *has not yet been played due to rain.

Dog Fight #2:

  • 1st – Scott Brown
  • 2nd – David Clark
  • 3rd – Mike Swift and Tim Chubb

MGA Membership Listing and Point Standings

Men’s Golf Association Listing

*Point standings will be posted once the 2018 season’s events begin. A list of all Men’s Golf Association events may be found here: 2018 Tournament Schedule

MGA Point Standings