Franklin Country Club


The Franklin Country Club built the current pool in 1995. The pool area includes a six-lane, 25 yard long competitive swimming pool with a diving board, a baby pool, a breezeway for shade and a large deck area with plenty of lounge chairs and tables for members to use.                                                                     The pool manager is Debbie Hudson. Should you have any questions regarding the pool, don’t hesitate to contact her. If you are interested in scheduling a pool party, you can also contact Debbie for available dates and pricing.

Additional FCC pool information, including the swim team, is listed below.

FCC Pool FAQ’s

Pool Rules:

  1. No running or horseplay
  2. No glass containers (such as bottles, nail polish, etc.)
  3. Please help keep pool area clean
  4. No swimming with infectious diseases (i.e. pink eye, staph infection, strep throat, chicken pox, ringworm, etc.)
  5. Children must pass lifeguard test to be left unattended
  6. If a child has not yet passed a lifeguard test, they must have an adult present with a flotation device when swimming in the deep end
  7. No child over 6 allowed in baby pool
  8. No spitting of any kind in either pool

The FCC asks that you swim at your own risk if there is no lifeguard on duty.

Pool Guests:

Members may bring guests residing in Simpson County on Wednesdays only and are required to sign them in and pay the pool guest fee at the Pro Shop before going to the pool area. If a member has out-of-town family or friends visiting them, they may bring them to the pool any day of the week during the time of their visit.

FCC Swim Team

Basic Information:

The 2017 FCC Swim Team Coaches are Mandy Brown and Brandy Coates

The swim team hosts and travels to several meets during the season. This is a great way for your child to gain confidence as a swimmer and to learn water safety. If you would like more information on the swim team or would like to volunteer to help with the meets, please contact either coach.

Practice for the 2017 season:

Beginning June 1st, every Monday – Friday…

  • 10:00am – 11:00 – advanced swimmers (depending on ability, approximately 7 and older)
  • 11:00am – 11:30 – beginners (approximately 6 and under)

2017 Swim Meet Schedule

June 6thRelay MeetGreenville Country Club
June 8thBowling Green Country ClubBowling Green Country Club
June 15thOlde StoneFranklin Country Club
June 20thHopkinsville Country ClubHopkinsville Country Club
June 27thIndian Hills Country ClubIndian Hills Country Club
July 6thGreenville Country ClubFranklin Country Club
July 14th-16thSouth Central Championship Hopkinsville Country Club